Cheap hotel Melbourne

Best Accommodation for a Budgeted Traveller in Australia  6155f8d4d6a48fa62b57bd0d143f7a4f

Australia is one of the most favourite places for students who desire to do specialization and certification in particular fields of education. Every year thousands of foreign students come here to study either for summer courses or for long term courses. One thing they all look for is to find an accommodation that fits into their tight budget. As a result many of them compromise on comfort and privacy. Here are our recommendations for economical accommodation options in this beautiful country.

Hostels: Most of the colleges that offer courses for foreign students often have their own hostels or have association with private hostels which offer cheap stay. You get an option to book the room as well when you are booking your course. This would be a good choice as the rooms would cost you less than a Cheap hotel Melbourne and you also can eat cheap food at the canteen. The rooms would mostly be on sharing basis and thus you have sacrifice your privacy a bit.

Short term rented apartments: Many students who travel in groups are now opting for shared apartments where 3-4 of them can stay together. This is best suited for those who want to stay all by themselves and not be restricted by hostel rules. You can cook your own food or order from any of the restaurants nearby.a5f350fd78d494d359befda01cdedc24

Homestay: Homestay  Australia is quite popular among students as they get all their facilities under one roof. If you like homely atmosphere, friendly people and delicious home cooked meals this is the right pick for you. As you will be staying with the host family some mannerisms and etiquette are to be taken care of. Also doing your bit of work at home could make your stay more enjoyable.

Rooming house: Rooming houses are the perfect alternative for Cheap hotel Melbourne  as the cost is same but packed with much more facilities. Here each room will be occupied by individual guest and they can spend time together in the common dining and entertainment space. Rooming houses like Homestay Melbourne have spacious garden, parking area and a kitchen where you can cook your own meals too.

Monastery: This may not be one of the popular accommodation options but if you are looking for a similar experience like a Homestay Australia  then monastery is a good pick. They usually have some rooms for students and guests from outside and offer food as well. If you are staying there for a long time you will be charged minimal room rent and food cost. But you might not find rooms always available here.

All these options are highly recommendable for students as they can save on rent and also enjoy their stay.


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